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Learn To Play Guitar The Fun and Easy Way!

Turn your childhood dreams into a reality

Are you a beginner thinking about starting guitar lessons?
Are you ready to impress your friends and family with your new amazing skill? 
Do you want to be able to jam and play with your friends?
Are you passionate about music and everything guitar? 

In the beginning learning the guitar can be frustrating and painful.

You might get lost trying to learn online and have lots of questions like:

"Why don't I sound good?"

"Why do my fingers hurt?"

"Do I have to be talented/ be born with great rhythm?"

"Am I too old to learn, can I do this?"

I know exactly what you are going through since I have helped many other students with the same questions and challenges.

Guitar Lessons acoustic and electric for beginners in east london

Easy Traps to fall into:

It is easy to fall into the deep trap of struggling by yourself for hours, learning everything at snail's pace and hitting every challenge with the "thump". There are only a few ways to hold a guitar correctly, hold a pick correctly, play chords correctly and there's a million wrongs ways.

There are so many ways to learn to play the guitar which is completely overwhelming and unsuitable for most guitar players.

For beginners, it is especially important for you to get feedback on your learning so you know you are learning the right things for you. 

Having the best guitar lessons for beginners in London means you have a guitar teacher who can guide you to make sure you are learning the right things at an effective pace. This also means you get tonnes of enjoyment every step of the way! 


WHY US? Guitar Lessons for Beginners London

We could tell you about the years of experience we have, and the countless years and hours of training we've done for learning how to teach guitar. (Yes specifically to teach guitar, not just to play guitar.) 

The most important thing for you to know is that we will listen to you, what you want to do on the guitar, what kind of music you want to play. And help you with exactly that. 

If you want to spend years trailing along, and you don't really care about how long it takes, or you only want to play 1 or 2 songs, then we aren't the right teacher for you. 

You are in the right place if you are passionate about guitar and want to have fun learning guitar and feel like a musician! 

For Beginners Guitar Lessons in London:
What You Will Get With Us:

  • Have a patient teacher who listen and helps you play guitar the way you want to
  • Get to become confident in your playing, even when you are in front of other people
  • Minimise frustration of learning guitar by building a solid foundation of correct technique for playing guitar
  • Get experience playing with others, which in turn will make you awesome when playing in a band or jamming with friends
  • Be inspired constantly by being surrounded by other guitarist who are also super passionate
  • Create lasting memories and invaluable experience!

We will go through a free guitar lesson to ensure we get to know each other and find out what it is you want to do on the guitar.

Common Questions and Answers About Guitar Lessons For Beginners

I don't feel musical or talented enough, can I still learn? 
We are firm believers that anyone can learn to play guitar, as long as you are passionate and willing to practise. We have experience teaching many of our students from all sorts of backgrounds, and even those who didn't initially have the believe that they can learn, can now play the guitar! 

How can I be confident of what you are teaching me is correct?
We are part of an international group of top guitar teachers who focus on the best and correct methods of playing to teach our students to ensure they get the best results.

Being able to play in front of other people is essential to my goal, will you be able to help? 
Of course, we can definitely help you with this, find out how by contacting us for a free guitar lesson.

What people say about Guitar Lessons for Beginners London and our lessons

Enquire about Your Free Beginner Guitar Lesson in London Today

Why wait any longer for you to realise your childhood dreams. Click on the big button to continue to our contact page to find out whether we can help you get started with a free guitar lesson today. 

Do you have more questions about Our Guitar Lessons in London

What age do you teach? 
Our students range from 5 till infinity! Or rather there is no upper age limit to playing a musical instrument. Starting, we would recommend age 5. Anyone can take beginner guitar lessons in London and learn to play guitar.

What the benefits of learning the guitar? 
There are numerous reasons why Guitar lessons will benefit your well being and mind such as improve your listening, and coordination skills. There are also a few surprising benefits as well. Read our article: The unspoken benefits of learning guitar to find out more. 

Do you teach electric guitar and acoustic guitar? 
Yes, and also in a variety of styles, contact us to see how we can help you specifically with what you want to learn to play on guitar.

Will I be able to advance all the way from a beginner guitar player to advance with you? 
Yes, we have many advance players here, and we have helped many people go from a beginner guitarist to an advance guitarist for both acoustic and electric guitar through our beginner guitar lessons in London. 

I want to also learn to write songs, can I do that with you? 
Yes we have a comprehensive learning system that means you can learn specifically the things you need to achieve the things you want to in less time.  Even for beginner guitar lessons, you can get involved in those programs too. 

Where are you based? 
Our guitar lessons for beginners in London are in Stratford, East London. Which is right on the Central Line in Newham, near Shoreditch, Mile's End, Bow, Plaistow, Walthamstow, Leyton etc. 

How will I know if you are the right teacher for me? 
Contact us, come in for an introduction guitar lesson and we can get to know each other and you can find out if I am the right teacher for you to learn to play guitar.

Last chance of finding out about your guitar lessons:

PS. Looking forward to meeting you and hearing about yourself and how much you love guitar.