3 Ways Taking Guitar Lessons Makes You A Better Player In Less Time

It’s no secret that taking guitar lessons is incredibly helpful for making progress in your playing. When you find the right guitar teacher, you give yourself access to a world of experience and expertise that you could’ve never known before. This makes it extremely important that you a) find a great guitar teacher b) start taking lessons with that teacher as soon as possible.

Guitarists who exclusively learn guitar on their own end up wasting tons of time when they could be making tons of progress. Don’t go down this same path and waste your own time. Here are 3 major ways that taking guitar lessons makes you a better player fast (and why you need to start now):

You Understand What And How To Practice

Without a great guitar teacher to guide you, making progress on guitar can feel like trying to drive across the country without a map. Many guitar players experience tons of frustration learning on their own because they end up overwhelming themselves with things to practice. Eventually they get burned out because they don’t know why they are practicing these things or how they should be practicing to get better.

When you take guitar lessons with an experienced teacher, he first helps you map out your musical goals. This step is crucial to determining what you should be practicing. Once you’ve set clear, tangible musical goals, he helps you reach them by designing a lesson plan based on your specific strengths/weaknesses, learning style and musical interests. From then on, you only practice that which is most important for reaching your goals. A great teacher also shows you how to practice effectively so your practice time is as productive as possible. End result: you become a great guitar player extremely fast.

You Learn How To Integrate Skills Together

Many guitar players learn everything they know in total isolation from everything else. This creates hole in your playing that holds you back from becoming a better overall guitarist. A common example of this is guitar players who only work on technique with the goal of becoming great lead guitarists. Because they fail to integrate technique together with other skills like phrasing, improvising, fretboard visualization or aural skills they become held back by their weaknesses in these areas. A great guitar teacher helps you integrate everything together to avoid this imbalance, so you never feel like you are good in one area but a total beginner in others. Learning how to integrate skills simply helps guitar players become better faster… and a great teacher knows this.

You Learn How To Correct Mistakes From An Expert

It’s difficult to know for sure how to effectively correct your mistakes without the insight of an experienced teacher. Most guitar players have several bad habits that have built up over the years from trying to hide mistakes or take shortcuts in their playing. A great teacher spots these mistakes immediately and helps you correct them without sacrificing your current level of playing. This helps you fix core problems in your playing in a seamless manner without having to start over at zero.

Taking guitar lessons with a great teacher is truly the best way to quickly take your playing to the next level. Don’t waste your time trying to learn on your own from amateur YouTube videos, tabs or random exercises. Work with a guitar teacher as soon as possible and start becoming the guitar player you always dreamed of being!