Hackne pic courtesy of  london.gov.uk

Hackne pic courtesy of london.gov.uk

Hackney - Who is the best guitar teacher for beginners

While it did not play as large of a role in the London Olympics 2012 as Stratford did, part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park can be found within Hackney, and is no doubt famous to people around the globe.

Hackney is a place which has always been concerned within sharing culture with its residents. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Hackney is home to eight different libraries. This includes Clapton Library, found on Northwold Road, and Woodberry Down Library. Anybody with a library card in Hackney is able to borrow books from any of them.

Furthering culture within Hackney is Hackney Museum. This wonderful place details the history of Hackney from Anglo Saxon Times through to Victorian Times, all the way up to the modern day. You will be surprised at the plethora of exhibits they have here, and it is a brilliant way to learn about how Hackney came to be. It is quite an exciting journey.

There are four swimming pools throughout Hackney, including the one found at the Britannia Leisure Centre. The wonderful thing is that Hackney is one of only a few places in the United Kingdom which allows under 18s to swim free of charge.

When you have had enough physical exercise, you can settle in for more creative guitar lessons too.

There is a lot of open space around the Hackney area too. 58 parks, in fact. This covers almost 300 acres. This means that Hackney, as a percentage of the borough, is one of the ‘greenest’ areas in all of London. Here you can visit everything from Clapton Common to Hackney Marshes. These are great places to explore, with a few of the green areas having some awesome things for children to have fun with too. Hackney is planning to invest a lot more in their green spaces over the coming years too, which means they are only going to get better.