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Mile End

Mile End is a district in East London. It is 3.6 miles away from Charing Cross, and with a population of just under 30,000, Mile End is one of the larger districts in East London.

Despite Mile End being heavily bombed during World War II, it did not receive anywhere near as much cash as the rest of London. This meant that a lot of places never got rebuilt, including a prominent location in Mile End which ended up being demolished in 1993. Just before demolition, a cast was taken of the inside 193 Grove Road. This art exhibit ended up winning the Turner Prize.

Mile End plays a huge role in the universities of East London. Part of Queen Mary University of London. Barts and the London School of Dentistry can also be found partially within the area. Teaching plays a big part in the local economy and we like to think that we are doing that too with our beginner’s guitar teaching lessons.

If you live in Mile End then you will regularly see the ‘Banana Bridge’. Built in 2000, this unusual bridge connects Mile End Park to Mile End Road. There are a few shops and restaurants just below the bridge. This means that anybody eating there will be able to get a full view of the yellow underside of the bridge (hence the rather affectionate name the residents have given the bridge!)

The Ragged School Museum can also be found within Mile End. This wonderful museum has been designed to show visitors what it was like to be a Victorian School Child within Mile End.

Interestingly, the whole building has been run by volunteers throughout its history, and it is worth a visit for that reason alone. It needs all the support that it can get.

The Mile End Stadium is the main sporting venue for Mile End. While it doesn’t exactly play host to a top-notch football team, it does have an athletics pitch and a large swimming pool. It has also played host to a number of huge gigs over the years, with the most memorable occurring in 1995 when Blur performed here, supported by a number of other major Brit Pop band