Wanstead is a district of the London Borough of Redbridge. At the last census, the population of Wanstead was a little under 12,000.

While not a lot of people talk about it, Wanstead has actually played an important role in the world of astronomy and science. It is in Wanstead that the five moons of Saturn were discovered, with a lot of the calculations being used in Isaac Newton’s work a few years later.

Perhaps one of the more unique things in Wanstead, and London as a whole in fact, can be found at the George Inn. The current building is not that old, although there has been a pub in this location for centuries. The unique thing is a plaque on the side of the building which tells the story of the theft of a cherry pie. Sadly, what exactly happened has been lost to history, but you don’t get many plaques anywhere in the world commemorating pie theft.

You will often find Wanstead topping the lists of some of the best places to live in London. This is partly down to the lower than average house price for London, as well as the laid-back way of life.

It is for this reason that Wanstead regularly attracts families to live here. There are several primary schools serving the area, including Nightingale Primary School, plus a single secondary school in the form of Wanstead High School. Guitar lessons are available.

Wanstead Farmers Market is a fantastic place to head for those who want to sample some fantastic culinary delights. If you fancy a relaxing Sunday, then Wanstead Park is a fantastic place to stroll around.

Getting into the centre of London from Wanstead isn’t too difficult either. If you take the Central Line, you are only going to be five stops from London Liverpool Street, with more central parts of London just a short amount further away.