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Despite its beauty, Snaresbrook is one of the lesser-known areas in London. So much so, that you will often find the whole area appearing on lists dedicated to the ‘secret London’. Perhaps one of the main reasons as to why Snaresbrook is often ‘ignored’ by visitors to London is the fact that it is seven miles outside of Central London. While it very much has a ‘sleepy village’ feel to it, it can

still be found on the Circle Line, which should mean that it is within easy reach for the majority of people.

Interestingly, Snaresbrook is one of only a few places in the whole of the United Kingdom which has more pensioners living there than families with children. This puts Snaresbrook in a rather unique position, and does change the vibe of the whole borough, although in a good way. Beginners come in all shapes, sizes and ages and learning to play the guitar at an ‘older’ age is fantastic for brain and your social life.

The majority of Snaresbrook is ‘old’. Nearly all of the homes in the area are Georgian properties.

They look stunning surrounded by a lot of green space, with many of them surrounded by beautiful hollies, many of which were planted well over a century ago.

Perhaps the most striking building in Snaresbrook, and the one for which most people visit the area, is Snaresbrook Crown Court. This beautiful building originally started as an orphanage, before

becoming the Royal Wanstead School, and finally the Crown Court for the area. It is in the perfect position, overlooking the Eagle Pond.

Due to the unique demographics of Snaresbrook, it does not have as many amenities as some of the surrounding areas, with many people opting to go elsewhere for their entertainment and cultural

needs. However, it is home to the Snaresbrook Primary School. Those who wish to go ‘out and about’ will be pleased to know that Snaresbrook is just a short hop from Epping Forest too.