Bethnall Green, c.

Bethnall Green, c.


Bethnal Green is a district in the East End of London. Its population at the last census was a little under 28,000.

Bethnal Green is a very unique place culturally in the East End borough of London. This is because the bulk of the population is of Bangladeshi descent. It also has fewer younger people than the national average and more pensioners than the national average. This gives Bethnal Green a very unique feel, and for that reason it is seems to attract people from all over London to experience it.

Oxford House is a community centre which really help to rejuvenate the area of Bethnal Green. It was ‘founded’ by Oxford University, and still plays a major role in community projects throughout the area. Who knows how many beginners have had their first guitar lessons here.

While not many people will have heard of it, the Camel Pub in Bethnal Green often wins awards for being one of the best pubs in the world due to how friendly it is towards pets. In fact, the whole area of Bethnal Green seems to be full of animal lovers, and you will find many community projects dedicated towards them.

The people of the district have also been working incredibly hard to rejuvenate the area. This includes the creation of several food gardens, including the large Cranbrook Community Food Garden.

Every Sunday, the Columbia Road Flower Market is in full swing, which gives a healthy dose of colour to Bethnal Green, as well as provides visitors with the ability to purchase beautiful flowers and amazing delicacies.

For Boxing lovers, York Hall is located within the district. Many top British boxers have sparred at this venue, and it holds a key position in world boxing history.

Schools in the area include St. Matthias School and Raines Foundation School. Museums include the V&A Museum of Childhood, which is a branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum.