How Some Guitarists Make Faster Progress By Avoiding The Mistakes Of The Majority

Make Faster Progress On the Guitar

The amount of progress most guitar players could be making is way more than what they do make. However, there exists a small percentage of guitar players out there who make significantly more progress than everyone else. To become one of these few guitarists, you must avoid the mistakes most guitar players make and make various changes to how you practice.


The following are some of the biggest mistakes most guitar players make, what great guitarists do, and what you should do instead to get better faster:


Mistake #1 – Not Following a strategy to reach your musical goals


The average guitar player does not practice effectively to reach specific musical goals. In fact, many guitar players do not even think to create goals for themselves. Instead, they just practice random things and hope to get better someday. This approach does not help you become a better guitarist very fast. In many cases, these players end up frustrated due to slow progress or overwhelmed by trying to learn too many things at once.


The solution is to both determine your specific musical goals in the short, medium and long term… then find out what you need to work on in order to reach those goals and create a guitar practice schedule to help you do it.


The best way to do this is to work together with a great guitar teacher who has already helped many other guitarists like you reach the same musical goals. A teacher like this creates a unique strategy to help you reach your goals as soon as you start lessons together. Great guitarists frequently work with a teacher in this manner to achieve big results very quickly in their playing.


Mistake #2 – They doubt their ability to achieve whatever they want


It is common for many guitarists to doubt their ability to achieve big things. They look at great guitar players and think to themselves that they’ll never be able to play that good. These kinds of thoughts prevent them from ever accomplishing anything more than mediocre.


Great guitar players continually fuel their mind with empowering thoughts and never doubt their ability to achieve greatness. Regardless of who you are, or where you are at in your playing right now… know this: All great guitar players started off in the same place as you. They all started as beginners and became great because they truly believed they could. Think like them and become like them.


Mistake #3 – They have low quality guitar practice


Most guitar players practice ineffectively even if they know the right things to practice to get better. Great guitar players get the very most out of their practice time. Don’t practice guitar mindlessly. Your practice time needs to be spent as efficiently as possible with 100% focus. For best results, take lessons with a teacher who will show you exactly how to practice in order to get the most out of the time you spend. This will help you continue to make progress every single time you sit down to practice your instrument.


When you avoid the 3 big mistakes in this article (and apply the advice given), you put yourself on the road to becoming a great guitarist. Begin using the information you’ve read right away and start becoming the guitarist you always wanted to be.