5 Reasons Why You May Want to Join Millions of Others in Learning to Play the Guitar

5 Reasons Why You May Want to Join Millions of Others in Learning to Play the Guitar

There are millions of people around the world who play the guitar. Whether it’s classical, Spanish, rock, pop, folk, metal music. There are a tonne of different genres of guitar music that are played by millions of children and adults.

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So why is guitar so much fun and so popular? Why do so many people want to play the guitar?

You can play lots of different styles of music

Once someone has learnt the fundamentals of playing the guitar, they can translate that skill into specialising in different types of guitar playing. I know metal guitarists who play classical baroque music and know acoustic players who play rock music.

The skills you learn on the guitar are very transferable into different styles of playing with a little more effort. So feel free to get started and then figure out exactly what you want to do later on! As long as you are passionate about guitar music, then that’s the most important thing with learning the guitar.

Lots of Popular Music Have Guitar Music in It


In a lot of popular music that are on the radio or in bands have guitar playing in it. This has created an interest in people wanting to play the guitar.

If you love music which has a guitar in it, and you are willing to put in the work and effort in learning, then you can learn to play along to your favourite songs in no time!

You get to play guitar with your friends and family

As guitar is so popular, you will probably find friends or family members who can also play the guitar! Or you can play the guitar while they sing or play another instrument.
The guitar works really well with most instruments because you can play rhythm or lead with it. Making it very versatile.

You can even play with a large group of 15 people and still make the guitar sound good! Just make sure you are playing different parts of the composition.

It is also a tonne of fun playing with other people! If you have some basic understanding of guitar and feel comfortable transitioning between chords and staying in time. You can start to play with others.

Do you have a small apartment or travel a lot?

travelling guitar player

A lot of people switch from playing the piano to guitar in the city because the guitar is a lot more portable and a lot smaller. You can pick it up and start playing it rather than going to sit down at the piano.

If you travel a lot, you can get a small portable guitar that you can take with you on the plane as well.

Because guitars are small, you can collect them! When you meet a guitar player, the likelihood is that they have a few guitars. So when your friends come round, you can all play together.

Do you like things that make sense?

The guitar is a really logical instrument if you learn it in the right way. Once you learn the fundamentals and begin to understand the guitar. There are lots of patterns and things you can figure out on it. Some people really enjoy playing the guitar by ear, and some people really enjoy the music theory side of music. It can be a really fun instrument if you enjoy problem-solving.

The guitar is easy to get started. It does take some effort and work to get over the beginning stage to get your brain coordinated with your hands. But once you get past that stage, it becomes a lot easier.

If you are passionate about music and love the guitar, then learning how to play the guitar may be the right instrument for you. As long as you are prepared to persist, and you have the right instructions and the right training. You will get to where you want to.

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Based in London, England. Darryl is a full-time guitar teacher and guitar school owner. Focused on helping guitar players to achieve their goals and dreams on the guitar. Learning how to play the guitar, whether they are young, old. Beginner or advanced