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How to pick whether you should start playing on an electric or acoustic guitar as a beginner guitar player

Should you start with acoustic or electric guitar as a beginner guitarist?


Are you wondering whether you should start with an acoustic or electric guitar? Are you heard people say various things to you but you aren’t sure? I hope this article will help you make the best decision for you when it comes to playing the guitar as a beginner and choosing the right guitar for you, whether it’s an acoustic or electric guitar.

Let’s clarify the common myth

I hear a lot of beginner guitar players say this and it’s completely not true. It’s actually really misleading and so it is worth clarifying the facts surrounding this myth so you know the facts when it comes to making a decision.

“It’s better to play the acoustic guitar as a beginner because it’s easier to learn on. Once you get good, then you get an electric guitar.”

Not this is definitely not true based on a common of main reasons, let’s discuss what these are.

Reasons why acoustic guitars are not easier to play than electric guitars

As a beginner guitar play learning to play the guitar, when you start on either the acoustic or electric guitar, you will have some initial challenges. These include getting your finger strength up, toughening up your finger tips, and getting your wrist stronger. Along side this, there is working where the frets and the string of your guitar are.

Comparing the acoustic guitar to the electric guitar, acoustic guitar have thicker strings which are harder to play for your fretting hand because they are harder to press down, and harder to bend. They are also a lot more work for your finger tips as well.

Also on the acoustic guitar, you have a big body on it that you have to couch over to see your fretboard and your strings to see what you are playing. Because of this, it tends to create more tension in your back and actually make it harder to play it for longer periods of time.

Because of these reasons which have so many consequential effects on your guitar playing when you first start. With an electric guitar, you will find easier to play with the thinner strings and thinner body, which means you can practise for longer, getting your technique more precise, and building up your finger strength and finger tip strength gradually. You will be in less pain, so you can play for longer which means you can make more progress.

Now that doesn’t mean you should definitely start with an electric guitar, even though there are some good reasons to. So let’s see why.

Why would you start on an acoustic guitar rather than electric guitar?

The main reason why you would start on an acoustic guitar instead of an electric is because you similar have no interest in the electric guitar. You only ever want to play finger style guitar or you only like campfire style songs. And no part of you ever wants to touch an electric guitar. Maybe you don’t like electric guitar music, or you just solely only ever want to play acoustic style music. Then getting an acoustic guitar is a great idea.

When you get your first guitar, you want it to be something you get really excited about. You want to come home from work and see it and get excited about playing it.

So if an acoustic guitar is what gets you really excited, then get an acoustic. Get one that is easier and comfortable to start on.

Why an electric guitar would suit you better?

If you ever want to play rock music or pop or anything that might touch an electric guitar, then getting an electric guitar first is a great idea. Also if you are ever interested in wanting to do solos, playing lead guitar or improvisation as well. Then getting an electric guitar will be really helpful. This is because comparing the fretboard of the electric guitar to the acoustic, the acoustic guitar normally goes up to around 12 frets, and then the remaining frets are over the body of the guitar, making it harder to play. On the other hand, for electric guitars, they go up to a much higher fret number giving you a lot more flexibility when it comes to soloing and improvising.

Final piece of advice

I would recommend that one day in the future that you get both guitars. If you are really passionate about guitar music and want to play either at one point, then having at least one of each is a great idea. I would suggest starting off on the electric guitar, and then once you get some milestones, get yourself an acoustic guitar as well. 

The key thing to remember is that whatever you do, get something that till excite you. Make you want to practise your guitar more. Remember, it’s your effort and hard work and persistence at keeping going playing the guitar that will make the biggest difference in your guitar playing. Not the type of guitar that you have initially.

Are you wanting to learn how to play the guitar but don’t know where to start? Do you wish you had someone to help you so you can play your favourite songs with ease? Do you want to feel confident playing the guitar so you can jam and play with your friends?

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